Doctors say the Flu Isn't this Season's Only Virus

Lynchburg, VA - The coughing and sneezing, runny nose and sore throat; They're all symptoms of the flu, and another virus, that doctors say they're seeing more and more of this season.

It's an upper respiratory virus. One doctor in Lynchburg said this season is the worst outbreak he's seen in years.

While the flu has a vaccine, there's no vaccine to prevent getting this virus. And with more and more cases every week, not getting it, is proving to be very difficult.

"It just happens to be the sickest December, January, that we've had in probably five years or more" said Physician, Dr.Thomas Eppes.

Eppes, has seen a daily flow of patients with the virus.

He says when they come in, all symptoms point to the flu, "It gives the fevers, it gives the aches and pains, the chills, and just like the flu, the virus sets people up for other illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia."

But unlike the flu, there's no vaccine for an upper respiratory virus.

So how can you prevent it?

"Covering yourself when you cough, and then remembering to wash your hands if you use your hands to cover your mouth when you do that" said Eppes.

And he said it's still not too late to get the flu vaccine.

"The last thing you want to do is get this virus, and then get the flu behind it, or get the flu and then get this virus behind it. Because once you are weakened by one, it sets you up for more stuff down the road" he said.

And those with the virus will tell you, it packs a punch.

"Sore throat, can't talk, my throat's just raw, cough, just feel miserable" said one woman.

"I was out today, and I'm out tomorrow and they say depending on how I feel, it could last up to a week" said a man with the virus.

This virus, like the flu can attack young and old, no one is immune.

If you do think you have it, the only treatment, is lots of good rest.