UPDATE: Widespread Severe Weather Looking Unlikely

The Storm Prediction Center has outlined the eastern part of our area for the possibility of severe weather Thursday.

UPDATE: 2:22 p.m.

Lynchburg, VA - Clouds and rain showers have kept the area cooler than earlier expected Thursday. Isolated storms could still form later in the day, however.

On Wednesday, abundant sunshine provided the heat needed to fuel severe weather. The leftovers of a cluster of storms overnight moved overhead today, with the lingering clouds keeping the area cooler and more stable.

As breaks in the clouds allow for sun in a few places, isolated pop-up storms are still possible into the evening, but a widespread severe weather event is looking more unlikely as the day unfolds.

For the latest forecast, head over to the ABC 13 Weather Center.

-ABC Meteorologist Jamey Singleton


Lynchburg, VA - After strong winds hit many areas Wednesday from severe storms, more bad weather is possible for parts of the ABC 13 Viewing Area today.

The amount of moisture in the air remains very high, and a disturbance and cold front off to our west will be moving in today as well.

On a sunny and hot day, the combination would lead to widespread severe weather.

Today, however, the threat is somewhat questionable due to cloud cover and rain showers holding temperatures down somewhat - at least so far.

As the afternoon progresses, any breaks in the clouds could prime the atmosphere for severe storms.

The greatest risk of severe weather today will be along and east of Lynchburg and Southside.

"Any storms that develop have the potential to become strong to severe. The greatest threat again today remains damaging winds," said ABC 13 Meteorologist Matt Ferguson. "Widespread strong storms like yesterday are looking less likely because of all of the clouds, but the threat is still there."

For the latest on the forecast, head over to the ABC 13 Weather Center.

-ABC 13 Meteorologist Jamey Singleton