Update: Wanted Man Arrested in Franklin Co.

Joshua Bolt

Update: 12:00 p.m.:

Roanoke County Police say Joshua Bolt has been arrested. They say he was taken into custody without incident Friday morning in Franklin County. He is being held without bond at the Roanoke County-Salem Jail.


Roanoke Co., VA - Law enforcement are on the lookout for a man they say could be armed and dangerous.

Roanoke County police say he and his wife, Tiffany, are responsible for at least three recent burglaries.

Police believe Bolt, who has a violent criminal history, and his wife are thought to have stolen a firearm during one of those burglaries.

They are now warning people to call police if Bolt is seen and they say do not approach him.

This all started Tuesday afternoon when police issued a missing person's bulletin for the couple.

Investigators say they found their car abandoned in a suspicious way and were concerned for their safety.

The ensuing investigation elevated the couple to burglary suspects.

A short time later the two were spotted driving a riding lawnmower near Bennington Street in Roanoke that, police say, was stolen earlier in the day in the county.

"Roanoke City was quick to respond. As they get over there they observed the lawnmower with two people on it and the male gets off and takes off running. Again, we're not investigating a crime at this point we just have two people that have been missing for several days. Nobody's heard from them and were concerned about them," said lead investigator Sgt. Jeffrey Johnson.

Johnson said additional stolen property was found on the mower after Tiffany Bolt was taken into custody.

Josh Bolt has a record going back more than 20 years that includes robbery and assault on a police officer.