UPDATE: Two Shooting Scenes in Giusto Murder, Prosecutors Say

Lynchburg, VA - In a bond hearing Thursday, prosecutors revealed that of the eight people arrested in connection with the death of Lawrence Giusto, they believe the fatal shots were fired by April Bateman. April Bateman, 22, is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Lawrence Giusto early Sunday morning. Investigators now say they believe there was a second, separate shooting, as the victim was trying to get to the hospital. According to Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Felmlee, April Bateman sat in the front passenger seat of the lead car in Sunday's drive-by shooting of Lawrence Giusto. Felmlee says Bateman admits to opening fire on Giusto with her 9mm pistol. Shortly after the gunfire stopped, Felmlee says Giusto was being driven from the scene, when one of the vehicles chased after him, catching up to Giusto on Stephenson Avenue. Then, Felmlee says Bateman opened fire again. Felmlee told the judge police believe the fatal shot came from Bateman's gun. In addition, Felmlee says the medical examiner found a 9mm bullet in Giusto's back. Defense attorney Killis Howard argued that it is too early to tell whether the 9mm bullet that struck Giusto came from Bateman's gun, or from another shooter. The judge ordered Bateman to be held without bond If found guilty, she faces life in prison plus 23 years. Bateman, 22, from Lynchburg, was denied bond in Lynchburg District Court Thursday afternoon. Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Felmlee says Bateman admitted she fired her pistol, a 9 mm gun, at Giusto, 20, early Sunday morning. Felmlee also said Thursday that fragments from a 9 mm bullet were found in the victim's back. Prosecutors said in court that there were actually two shooting scenes early Sunday. The first shooting was right outside Giusto's home in Lynchburg on Shaffer Street by Bateman, Felmlee said. Following the shooting, the victim fled in a car, but the attackers caught up with Giusto on Stephenson Avenue, where prosecutors say the second shots that ultimately proved fatal were fired by Bateman. ABC 13's Dave Walls is following the details of this case as they continue to be made public and will bring you further updates on ABC 13 News online and on-air.