Update: Tractor Trailer Accident That Blocked Multiple Lanes Now Open

Update 10:30 a.m.

Roanoke Co., VA - Crews are done cleaning up a tractor trailer accident on 220 that slowed traffic in Roanoke County for much of Monday morning.
It happened in a stretch of the highway near the Franklin County border that has a number of sharp curves.
Passing lanes in both directions were closed to give crews room to work.
No one was injured in the crash.
The driver says his windshield fogged up which caused him to accidentally leave the road.He was charged with failure to maintain his vehicle.


Roanoke Co., VA - Drivers should expect delays on Franklin Road in Roanoke County due to a tractor trailer accident.

County officials say the accident is near Willow Branch Road. The northbound left lane and the southbound left lane are closed. The right lanes on each side are open.

Officials expect there will be delays for several more hours.