Update: Tempers Flare At Halifax Co. School Board Meeting, Randolph Reinstated as Principal

Halifax Co., VA - After an emotional school board meeting Monday night, demoted principal Albert Randolph got his job back at Halifax County High School.After the closed-session decision, both Randolph and the Superintendent say they are pleased with the outcome, but lingering anger in the community may take more time to heal.Hundreds of teachers, parents, and concerned citizens attended the meeting to make their support of Randolph crystal clear."Mr. Randolph is the right man for Halifax County High School, " said former HCHS Assistant Principal Debbie GrilesMany touched on Randolph's accomplishments in the last 14 years - including a boost in graduation rates and student morale. Others held nothing back in their criticism of the Superintendent and many of her administrative decisions."How does one get to have so much power and so much authority?", said Corlys Ballou in reference to Herndon's power to make reassignments independent of the board.Prior to the meeting, school board members expressed concern over more than 130 vacation days Randolph had accumulated - half of which he planned to take before retiring next year.But Herndon says the real reason for the reassignment stemmed from a personnel issue that could not be discussed.Randolph issued an apology to Herndon saying he regrets "disrespectful" action on his part that led to her recommendation.Nonetheless, he is happy to be back to doing what he loves -- in a community that loves him."I want to thank the community for the outpouring of support. Many individuals realize the dedication and the commitment that I have provided for that school, " Randolph said.Randolph will continue as principal in the Fall.Herndon says he will train other school administrators through December, then take vacation until his retirement at the end of the school year.---------------------Halifax Co., VA - The Halifax County School Board has voted to reinstate Albert Randolph to his position as principal at Halifax County High School.Board members made their decision in a closed door meeting that ended late Monday night. This reverses a decision made by Superintendent Merle Herndon. Last week, she demoted Randolph to assistant principal at Halifax County Middle School.We are following up on this decision today. Stay with ABC-13 for the latest.--------------------Halifax County, VA - Some parents and teachers in Halifax County say they are not happy with a recent shift in leadership at Halifax County High School.Last week, Superintendent Merle Herndon reassigned Albert Randolph to an Assistant Principal position at Halifax County Middle.Local residents are expected to share their two cents on the decision at Monday night's school board meeting.The Superintendent declined to comment on Randolph's reassignment, calling it a personnel issue.But school board members say it may have something to do with his accumulated vacation time.One board member says Randolph had more than 100 vacation days left to take and he was planning on retiring soon.That raised concerns about who would be leading the high school in his absence.Merle Herndon has not confirmed that as the reason for her decision though.Darius Younger, a recent graduate we spoke to says Randolph was a great principal and he will be missed at the high school."I think he is going to miss the high school and he really loved us, and he let us know he loved us by telling us all the time. If we ever needed anything he would come right to us," says Younger.School board members went into closed session at around 5:45 p.m. Monday night.Our crews will be there throughout the whole meeting and we will bring you updates as they become available.