UPDATE: Daniel Janney, Charged in Child Tattoo Case Found Guilty

UPDATE: Campbell Co, VA - The man accused of trying to burn off tattoos from two girls, pleaded guilty Thursday in Campbell County Circuit Court. 32 year old Daniel Janney admits he did it, but his attorney told the judge Thursday it was a "terrible mistake," and he did it at their mother's request." Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney, Rebecca Wetzel told the judge the 11 and 12 year old girls say Janney "heated a knife on the stove" and tried to burn tattoos off of them just a few days before Christmas of last year. Wetzel says the girls' mother, Melissa Delp, was dating Janney at the time. In court Thursday, the testimony was that the two had left the girls in the care of Alexander Edwards at their home in Concord. That's when the prosecutor says Edwards tattooed the 12 year old one time and the 11 year old three times. When the couple got back, the prosecutor says the girls' mother had Janney try to remove the tattoos. Wetzel says the victims are living with their grandparents now. Janney was sentenced to serve a total of one year and two months, for felony unlawful wounding, and a misdemeanor of contributing to the delinquency of a child. Another part of Janney's sentencing, he can't contact the two victims again. Melissa Delp was already sentenced to 18 months in jail for two counts of child abuse in August. Alexander Edwards' trial is set to start January 21st.----------------UPDATE: The Campbell County man police say tried to remove tattoos from two young girls with a razor blade is scheduled to go on trial this afternoon.Daniel Janney is charged with malicious wounding and child abuse. Prosecutors say he used the hot razor blade to remove tattoos Alexander Edwards gave the girls. Edwards' trial was continued earlier this month.----------UPDATE: The trial for a Campbell County man prosecutors say tattooed two young girls has been continued.Alexander Edwards is facing numerous charges including child abuse and malicious wounding. The girls' mother was sentenced to 18 months on child abuse charges after deputies say she did nothing to stop another man, Daniel Janney, from trying to remove the tattoos with a razor blade. Janney is set to go on trial on September 18th. No word on when Edwards is returning to court.-------Campbell Co., VA - The trials have been set for three people in Campbell County charged in connection with the tattooing of two young girls.Alexander Edwards will go to trial on September 4th.Daniel Janney's trial is set for July 31st.Melissa Delp's trial will start on August 20th.Deputies say Edwards gave the children tattoos, and then later they say Janney tried to remove them with a hot razor blade.The girls' mother, Melissa Delp, is also charged because investigators say she did nothing to stop Janney.