Update: Student Who Put Up Labels at Sweet Briar Leaves School


Amherst Co., VA - Sweet Briar College's interim president says the student who admitted to putting up racist labels in a residence hall is no longer enrolled in the school.

James Jones posted a message on the college's website. While he will not identify the student, Jones does say she is African American. He also believes she is sincerely sorry for what she did.


UPDATE: The Amherst County Sheriff's Office confirmed a threatening call made to Sweet Briar College Wednesday morning seems to be in reaction to a racially charged incident on campus last week.

Major Betty Wise said the anonymous male caller made the following statements:

"We want justice."

"Who is the white girl that did this?"

"Ferguson and now this." (referring to the racial unrest in Ferguson, MO)

"Hands up! Don't shoot!"

"We're coming up there. We want justice."

Wise said the call lasted 30 seconds or less and was too short to trace.

A student recently admitted to posting signs inside a residence hall last week that read "white's only" and "colored". The student said she wanted to show that words can still have an impact, and was not being malicious. Wise says the sheriff's office has made suggestions to the college about ways to protect the student who posted the signs.


UPDATE: According to Sweet Briar's interim president James Jones, the lock down has been lifted.Jones stated that the threatening call was so brief that it could not be traced.As of 1:00 PM on Wednesday, the main gate was the only way on to campus and the security team continued to check all persons entering.The lock down lasted just over an hour and there were no further incidents reported. At the time of the lock down, there were about 600 students on campus.State police as well as the Amherst County Sheriff's office are investigating the incident.Students were put on immediate lock down and a text went out to the student body letting them know that the lock down was not a drill. The campus siren was also sounded. ------UPDATE: As of 12:25 pm, vehicles are being allowed on campus.------Amherst Co., VA - Sweet Briar College is currently under lock down.According to school officials, they got a phone call around 11:00 am from an unidentified male who was off campus. They said he was making threats to the school. There is no word on what kind of things he was saying. A lock down was issued as a precaution so all students and faculty have been told to stay where they are. State police and local law enforcement are on the scene. We will bring you any new details as we get them.