Update: Several Side Roads Still Closed in Roanoke Due to Flooding

Photo: Vicky Ruff from Roanoke.

Update Thursday 11:45 a.m.:

Roanoke, VA- Several small roads are still closed Thursday in the Roanoke area, but the water is going down.

Things are definitely looking better than they did Wednesday night because the water plaguing the roadways has receded.

The intersection of Wells and Williamson in downtown was flooded up until about midnight. Much of the mess is already cleaned up and traffic is moving pretty well except for the fact that the traffic lights are still out.

But anywhere the floodwaters were, thick, stinking mud is left over. It's stuff you want to take care cleaning up and doing your best to stay out of.

"Anything could be in that water. This is not swimming pool or even river water that a lot of people will go tubing on. We're talking sewage. We're talking different pesticides, dead animals, oils, salmonella, E.Coli, different bacteria. It can actually pose a life threat to you," said Tiffany Bradbury with Roanoke City Fire and Rescue.

As for the streets themselves--The city says all major streets are now open with just a small handful of side streets still dealing with trouble, including a few issues with downed trees and even one street that has a sinkhole.

There are crews out an about working on the cleanup, and we'll have updates on ABC 13 News at 5.


The following are the latest road closures from reported by Roanoke City's 911 center as of 4:45 a.m.

  • One lane on the eastbound side of Orange Avenue is closed because of a downed tree.
  • The Wise Avenue Bridge between Roanoke and Vinton is closed due to debris.
  • The intersection of Williamson Road and Wells Avenue/Kimball Avenue is open, but the traffic lights are not functional. A four-way stop is in effect.
  • The 4300 Block of Tyree Road is closed because of a downed tree.
  • Huntington Boulevard is closed between Bohon Street and Oliver Road.
  • Appleton Road at Fairhope Avenue is closed due to a sinkhole.


Officials in Roanoke say 1 eastbound lane on Orange Avenue at 5th street is closed.

They also say the intersection of Williamson Road and Wells Avenue is open, but it is a 4-way stop.
Also, the Wise Avenue bridge along the Vinton city border is blocked off due to debris.
Roanoke's Safer City Facebook pages also reports that Appleton Avenue and Fairhope Road is closed due to a sinkhole, and Tyree Road is closed due to a downed tree.
Roanoke Police urge that drivers avoid those areas if possible.


Roanoke, VA - The following are the latest street closures reported
by the Roanoke City's 911 Center as of 9:45 p.m. Wednesday.


Huntington Blvd. between Bohon and Oliver
Kimball between 4th and Rutherford
700 Williamson Road
Williamson Road and Wells Avenue
Eastbound Williamson Road between Kimball and Hollins
Vale and Kermit
13th Street and Eastern
Baldwin and Light
Walker Avenue behind the Civic Center
Eastbound Orange between Hollins Road and Plantation Road (down to
one lane)


10th between Grayson and Andrews
3700 Cove Road NW
Lick-Run Greenway entrance - closed at 10th Street and Andrews
(Green way bridge has been washed away)


Wise Avenue at Indian Village (low water bridge)

There are several intersections where the traffic signals are on
flash. Citizens should use caution at these intersections.

Several greenway entrances are closed and parts of the greenway
system are underwater.

Also citizens should be mindful that there may be debris in the form
of gravel, small branches, or other items in the roadways as a result of the flood.

Citizens are asked to exercise caution and be vigilant.