UPDATE: Senator Ted Cruz Speaks at Liberty

Lynchburg, VA - U.S Senator Ted Cruz visited Liberty University Wednesday, speaking in front of more than 10,000 students at the Vines Center.

Cruz's visit is raising questions about his possible run for the Republican Party ticket in 2016.

Cruz's message was mostly religious in nature. He encouraged all Liberty students to find their voice, and use it to change the world.

The Texas senator spoke to a packed Vines Center on Liberty's campus at convocation.

Cruz referenced President Obama and the continued battle over the Affordable Care Act.

The Senator directly referenced the ongoing legal battles that continue over Obamacare.

"For a nation that was founded by pilgrims fleeing religious oppression, how through the looking glass have we gone, that the federal government is now litigating against our citizens, trying to force us to violate our faith," Cruz said.

There were no mentions of a future presidential bid for Senator Ted Cruz Wednesday.

In recent years, presidential candidates have made Liberty an early stop to test the waters.

Former candidates like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin have also made visits to LU's campus.


Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University students just wrapped up convocation with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz as their guest speaker Wednesday morning.

The Senator from Texas spoke to more than 10,000 students at Liberty University's Convocation.

Last year, the Senator spoke on the floor for nearly 24 hours against the Affordable Care Act, to delay a vote on the budget.

Ted Cruz is outspoken on limited government, and abiding by the constitution.