Update: Security Officer Placed on Paid Leave Following LU Shooting

UPDATE: 6:30 p.m.

Lynchburg, VA - According to Liberty University Spokesperson Johnnie Moore, Police and ES officers go through some of the same training. But police officers go through the Police Academy, whereas ES officers do not. Moore went on to say that LU's ES officers get 24-36 hours more training than the required standard.

In a statement released to ABC 13, Moore said the Liberty University Police Department has 48 officers, 24 of those are considered emergency services.

All officers are authorized to carry firearms.

Police officers have greater jurisdictional and arrest powers.

The security officer involved in Tuesday's shooting has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.


Lynchburg, VA - Students and faculty at Liberty University are trying to deal with the school's first deadly shooting in its 42-year history.

Joshua Hathaway, 19, died after a police report says he attacked a LU emergency services officer with a hammer and was shot by the officer.

The shooting happened early Tuesday morning at an off campus dorm on Odd Fellows Road.

There was a very somber tone in the crowd Wednesday as President Jerry Falwell, Junior asked students to pray for the families of those involved in Tuesday's shooting.

School leaders took no delay in addressing the incident inside Residential Annex 2.

Falwell said now, more than ever, the Christian University needs to cling to its principles, and find comfort in prayer. He also mentioned several other tragedies the LU community is dealing with, including an attempted suicide yesterday.

Falwell urged students to seek help if they are ever feeling overwhelmed.

"I urge you to get help. Don't wait until it boils over. Don't wait until it becomes unbearable. And we have all the professional counselors here, we have many people who can help you," Falwell said.

Wednesday's speaker at convocation was Pastor Jonathon Falwell of Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Before he got into his message, Jonathon Falwell asked students to keep his brother, Jerry in their prayers as well.

The pastor said during a tragedy, it is very difficult to be a leader, and he hopes students can appreciate what their Chancellor is dealing with.

Meanwhile there is no word on any motive in the attack and shooting.

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