UPDATE: School Officials Hold Press Conference After Bomb Threats at 11 Schools

Lynchburg, VA - In a press conference Tuesday, LynchburgCity Schools said schools reacted exactly how they were trained after the bombthreats.

In all, 11 schools received the bomb threats. The firstthreat came at 9 a.m. at Dearington Elementary School for Innovation.

School officials say teachers and staff at each schoolevacuated all students "safely and efficiently" right after the threats.

Parents of students were contacted as they were able todo so, officials say. Eventually, a division-wide call went out when thethreats increased.

Officials contacted the LPD after each threat. Once thepolice ruled that there was no threat, students and staff were allowed back inthe buildings, school officials said.

The following schools received bomb threats Tuesday:

Dearington Elementary School for Innovation

Heritage Elementary School

Paul Munro Elementary School

Bedford Hills Elementary School

T.C. Miller Elementary School for Innovation

Sheffield Elementary School

Linkhorne Elementary School

Perrymont Elementary School

R.S. Payne Elementary School

Heritage High School

E.C. Glass


Lynchburg, VA - The number of schools receiving bomb threats Tuesday has increased to 11.

Police are planning a press conference later today.

Stay with ABC 13 for further updates.


Lynchburg, VA - ABC 13 has learned that six elementary schools in Lynchburg have had to evacuate Tuesday because of bomb threats.

Police have been called to the following schools: Bedford Hills, Dearington, Heritage, Paul Munro, Sheffield, and T.C. Miller Elementary.

Nothing has been found at any school so far. No one has been hurt.

ABC 13 will have reaction from school officials and police tonight on ABC 13 News.


Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police and Lynchburg City Schools have had a very busy morning responding to three bomb threats at three different elementary schools.

ABC 13 was on the scene Tuesday morning as officers responded to Heritage Elementary School.

Students and staff were evacuated and taken to a different location.

Also Tuesday morning, a bomb threat called into Dearington Elementary School. Then closer to noon, a report of a similar threat at Paul Munro.

ABC 13 is told students are not in any danger.

ABC 13 does not usually report bomb threats, but because three schools were involved in one morning, we are reporting this story.

ABC 13 will keep you updated on the situation.