UPDATE: State Police Investigate Officer-Involved Shooting in Bedford Co.

UPDATE: State Police are investigating an officer involved shooting in Bedford County.{} They have released a timeline of the incidents leading up to the fatal shooting.On Tuesday, July 29, 32 year old David Mendoza forced his way into a home in Bedford County, threatened the home owner with a gun, tried to steal a car and fled the scene on a dirt bike.Deputies spotted Mendoza on the dirt bike near the intersection of Stewartsville and Harveys Creek roads.As deputies approached, Mendoza sped away and rode off through a series of fields. Deputies were unable to follow in their vehicles through the field.After Mendoza got away from the deputies, police say he broke into a boat prop repair shop along Route 24/Stewartsville Road. There he stole clothing to change his appearance and a pickup truck. The store was closed at the time of the break-in.Around 12:08 a.m., July 30, a Bedford County deputy who was still searching for Mendoza spotted the pickup driving recklessly in the eastbound lane of Stewartsville Road/Route 24. When the deputy attempted to stop the pickup truck, it fled from the deputy and turned onto Route 122 and then onto Oakwood Knolls Drive.According to police. when the pickup truck came to the dead end on Oakwood Knolls Drive, it made an abrupt turn and struck the deputy's patrol car. Mendoza then exited the stolen pickup truck and started towards the deputy. Mendoza was subsequently shot and was taken to Bedford Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Anyone with information concerning Mendoza, who had just relocated to Bedford County from California two weeks before the shooting, is asked to please contact the Virginia State Police. State police are also encouraging anyone who may have witnessed the home invasion, store break-in, or the pursuits, to also please call (540) 375-9547 or email with information.Once the investigation into the shooting is completed, state police will turn its findings over to the Commonwealth's Attorney for final review and adjudication.---------UPDATE: The suspect who died after a deputy involved shooting in Bedford County still has not been named.State Police said Thursday afternoon the man's family must be notified first.The Bedford County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday shots were fired just after midnight on Oakwood Knolls Drive, after the suspect crashed into a deputy's car.They believe he's the same person who broke into a home on Stewartsville Road four hours earlier.The woman who lives there says the man pulled her out of the shower and demanded her car keys.------UPDATE: The woman's husband told reporter Angela Hatcher the suspect dragged his wife, Melissa Cochran, out of the shower, by her hair, naked into the front yard.{} James Cochran said the man entered the home through their basement door.James said{}Melissa{}threw her car keys to keep the suspect from getting them.{}{}James believes the only reason the suspect did not shoot his wife is because a tractor trailer drove by the home and the driver may have spotted them in the yard.The area around the ignition inside Melissa's car{}was torn off.{} James said the suspect left tools inside the car, after trying to hotwire the car.James arrived home from work just minutes after his wife got away from the suspect. He said there was already a State Trooper at the home.James carries a handgun and said if he'd been home, he would have shot the suspect himself. He said his wife had never seen the man before. James{}said he was in a patrol car with a Bedford County investigator, following the ambulance taking Melissa to the hospital, when he heard shots fired come across the police radio.Melissa got out of the hospital early{}Wednesday morning.{} She{}told us doctors gave her a sedative to calm her down.{} James says she is bruised and sore.The couple{}had just moved to Bedford County from Roanoke, where their apartment had been burglarized.{} --------Bedford Co., VA - Investigators in Bedford County say a deputy is on administrative leave after a man was killed in an overnight officer-involved shooting.According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies were searching the Stewartsville Road area of Moneta about 12 a.m. for a home invasion suspect when they noticed a vehicle being operated in a reckless manner. {}One deputy tried to stop the vehicle after it turned onto Moneta Road. {}Investigators say later, on a dead end road, the vehicle hit the deputy's cruiser. {}The Sheriff's Office says shots were fired after the driver got out of the vehicle.EMS crews arrived on the scene and transported the driver to Bedford Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.This all stems from a 911 call that came from a home on Stewartsville Road on Tuesday about 8 p.m.The caller told dispatchers a man broke into her home while she was in the shower, pulled her out of the shower and held a gun to her head. {}She says he wanted her car keys, but she refused. {}After trying to hot wire the vehicle, she says he left riding what appeared to be a moped.A short time later, the Sheriff's Office says deputies tried to stop a man riding on a dirt bike near the intersection of Stewartsville Road and Harveys Creek Road. {}The man was able to get away.State Police are investigating.