Update On Hylton Hall One Year After Fire

Danville, VA -- It's been nearly a year since a Danville landmark was destroyed. You may remember, when Hylton Hall caught fire last April. But the future of the building is still up in the air.

The owners say they're working on repairing it. They bought the building in 2009 to turn it into senior living apartments. But now, it would cost more than $8 million to repair. Still, the owner is hopeful.

When most Danvillians think of Hylton Hall now, they picture charred walls, a sunk-in roof, and a building in shambles. But Carolyn Miles prefers to simply look at pictures of the 45 years she spent working inside.
"Three fourths of my life was spent in that building," said Miles.
So for Miles, the fire last year took more than a building.
"You could see the smoke. When they said it was Hylton was just like part of me was burning. Now that's the truth," said Miles.
Like Miles, many people want to see Hylton Hall restored, including owner, Dave McCormack.
"Just the attachment, emotional attachment to that building was a pretty big deal for folks in Danville," said McCormack.
McCormack says he's been working toward repairing it but hit barriers with insurance companies and the city of Danville.
"I know physically it can be done because that's the business that I'm in but with the city pursuing demolition, I don't know that we can get it done," said McCormack.
City representatives have told us they've tried to work with McCormack to help him decide what to do. But they say, he didn't proceed with their options. And not doing anything remains a safety hazard.
"If it gets torn down, that's the end of the story," said McCormack.
That would be an end of Miles' story that she hopes to avoid.
The fate of the building will be in a court's hands soon. The city says the owner needs to demolish or repair it. McCormack insists he just needs time.