Update on Heather Hodges Investigation

Reporter: David Tate

Franklin Co., VA - Officials from the Franklin County Sheriff's Department have released new information Monday regarding a 22-year-old mother who has been missing 66 days now.

Sheriff Bill Overton says the case of Heather Hodges is now being considered a criminal case.

The sheriff conceded the case has been investigated as a major crime since day one.

Investigators also revealed that prior to her disappearance, Hodges was the victim of a "violent event". They also say witnesses are becoming less cooperative.

"Maybe once we started really honing in on some possible information'Well that might have been, or this could have been'. So a little bit concerned about the possibility that stories are ever changing," said Overton.

Investigators say they do have a person of interest in the case but would not name the suspect.

Hodges live in boyfriend was the last person to see Hodges.