Update: Officials Release New Picture of Car Involved in Hit & Run

Type of Cadillac Involved

Reporter: Parker Slaybaugh

Update Monday:

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Officials say the driver responsible for the deadly hit and run in Pittsylvania County over the weekend may have been driving a 2004-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer.

Officials don't know the color of the car but say it has damage on the right mirror, front headlamp and marker light area.

The Cadillac is still a car of interest.

If you have any information, call Virginia State Police at 540-380-5700.


Pittsylvania Co., VA- Authorities say a vehicle may be key in solving a fatal hit and run that killed a man in Pittsylvania County Saturday afternoon.

State Police are looking for a champagne-colored 1997 Cadillac Deville in connection with this death. Authorities say it's a car of interest but not necessarily involved in the accident. It's a four-door hard top with North Carolina tags. The license plate number is AMM6435.

A side view mirror was left at the scene of the accident, but they aren't able to say if that mirror came from the vehicle of interest. State Police say aside from the mirror, they do have numerous other leads. Family members say they hope the leads will help them find some answers.

Family and loved ones say Thomas Lewis Bradner, 42, was walking home early Saturday morning.

"I talked to him about 2 a.m., and he told me he was on the way home," said Latonya Wooding, Bradner's girlfriend.

Police say several hours later, he was dead.

"I kept waiting and waiting on him to get here, and after he didn't show up I knew something was wrong," said Wooding.

After a long night with no word from Bradner, family members began the search.

"We went around by the way he would always walk to his friend's house, just looking on the side of the highway," said Joyce Mitchell, Bradner's cousin.

And in a blink of an eye, her worst nightmare became a reality.

"I saw State Troopers, and county cops, and as soon as I saw the body I knew it was Thomas," said Mitchell.

Bradner's body was found, shoeless, along this stretch of Route 41 in Pittsylvania County. Police say little is known about why. There are no witnesses and no one has come forward.

"Whoever you are that did that, I wish you would have at least had the decency to stop, maybe he could have been saved," said Wooding.

Thomas was a father figure to three girls. He was also one of five children. The news of a lost son, is never easy on a mother. But it's even harder for Brenda Bradner, who unexpectedly lost another son just eight months ago.

"I will hold onto that, because whenever I talked to him on the phone, before he would hang up, I love you momma he will always tell me that," said Brenda Bradner.

If you have any information about this you are asked to call State Police at 1(800)542-5959.