UPDATE: New Details Surround Fundraiser

UPDATE: The man who held a fundraiser in April in the name of CASA of Central Virginia, is now charged with a felony.Police have a warrant for the arrest of Jonathan Craft, on a charge of obtaining money by false pretense.The fundraiser in question was in honor of Craft's 13 month old daughter VeraLee, who was murdered by her mother's boyfriend in 2012. The allegations came to light when CASA started asking Craft where the proceeds went, and couldn't get an answer.ABC 13 learned Craft gave the organization Compassionate friends $80 of the $1300 raised.He told us he gave $1,000 to an organization Child Help because of a dispute with CASA.Child Help told us they have no record of any such donation.Police are still working to locate Craft.----------Lynchburg, VA - There are new details in a story regarding a fundraiser for CASA of Central Virginia, where CASA hasn't seen any of the proceeds. Jonathan Craft organized the April fundraiser in memory of his 13 month old daughter Veralee, who was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend back in 2012. The proceeds were to go to both CASA and Compassionate Friends. One of the bands involved says Craft told her the fundraiser brought in about $1300. Compassionate Friends confirms to ABC 13 that Craft gave them $80. Through text messages, Craft tells ABC 13 he didn't give CASA their share because he felt they lied to him about why they couldn't be involved with his event, which CASA denies. Instead, Craft says he sent $1,000 to an organization called Child Help and that he will show ABC 13 the documentation when he gets back to town. Thursday, Child Help says they have very strict rules against releasing any donation information without the donor's express permission, but since there is an investigation, they feel it's their moral duty to make sure funds meant to go to children in need, do indeed go there. Spokesperson Daphne Young says they got an email from a Jonathan Craft Wednesday, saying he had sent them a $1,000 money order as an anonymous donation in April, and now he needs a receipt. They say the searched April and May, and have no such donation recorded. Wednesday, CASA filed a police report, and the matter is now under investigation. Craft tells ABC 13 he will give CASA $1,000 if they apologize. CASA Executive director Allison Wingfield says they have nothing to apologize for, and just want to know where the money raised in their name went. ABC 13 reached out to Craft for more information, but he has not replied.
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