Update: New Details on Virginia Tech Football Player Arrest

Ciara Simms

Update: 5:30 p.m.:

Blacksburg, VA - New information is coming out today following the weekend arrest of Virginia Tech football player Michael Holmes.

We are now learning two more people are charged - including a woman on the Hokie track team.

The second person served with a warrant in this case is 20-year-old Ciara Monet Simms... who - before coming to Blacksburg, was a state champion sprinter in Georgia.

Simms, now a sprinter for Virginia Tech, was served the warrant after Holmes' girlfriend, Caroline Seekford, took out that warrant - and a third warrant against yet another woman, Kierra Barnes of Radford.

Blacksburg Police say they got a 911 call from the Top of the Stairs restaurant in the 200 Block of College Avenue about a fight going on in a back parking lot early Sunday morning.

Police believe the fight began between Seekford and Simms, which then drew in the other three - including Holmes - in what police are calling "mutual combat".

We are told that no weapons, other than "hands and feet", were used in the fight.

Holmes was charged with two misdemeanor assault and battery charges plus a felony malicious wounding. He has been suspended from the team indefinitely pending the outcome of the case.

Holmes remains in jail with a bond hearing set for Tuesday morning.

Charged with just a misdemeanor, Simms currently remains on the Hokie track team and remains free.

Update: 10:30 a.m.:

Blacksburg, VA - New details are emerging over a weekend fight that landed Virginia Tech running back Michael Holmes in jail without bond.
Blacksburg Police say that a woman Holmes was with was in an argument with another woman which escalated into a situation described by police as "mutual combat".
In all, five people were involved, including Holmes, who was arrested and charged with a variety of charges including malicious wounding. Monday morning, police say the woman who was with Holmes during the Saturday night fight has now filed an assault and battery charge against someone in the other party as well.

Police also say there was no weapon involved in the fight which happened in the 200 block of College Avenue near the Squires Student Center.


Blacksburg, VA- Virginia Tech football player Michael Holmes is currently being held in the Montgomery County Jail after being arrested early Sunday morning.

The 19-year-old sophomore tailback from Harrisonburg has been charged with two counts of simple assault and one count of malicious wounding. According to the school's athletic policy, the Class A felony will land Holmes an automatic suspension from the football team until the case is resolved.

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