UPDATE: Body Found in Madison Heights, Foul Play Not Suspected

Update Monday 11:27 AM:

Amherst, VA - Amherst County investigators now say they do not suspect foul play in the death of a man, found dead this weekend.

Deputies were on the scene near Amelon Road Saturday evening.

Officials say immediate family members have identified the victim as 58-year-old Jerry Haley.

Investigators say he was last seen on June 9th and was reported missing by his son on June 13.
The Sheriff's Office says the case is still under investigation and an autopsy will be conducted.


Update Sunday 6 p.m:

Amherst, VA - The Amherst County Sheriffs' Office say the man found was 58-years-old, and they say his body was taken to the Roanoke Medical Examiners Office to hopefully determine a cause of death.

They confirmed the man was last seen on June 9th, and they say he was reported missing on June 13th. The Sheriff's office says the case is still under investigation. They are not saying yet whether or not they suspect foul play.

Neighbors of the man say something like this happening so close to home has them a bit concerned. They say he will be missed.

"He was a comforter to me, he come over here to me and talk to me after I lost Louis, my husband. We would sit out here and we would laugh, and he would come in the house and watch TV with me," said Patricia Vasquez, a neighbor of the man found dead.

Early Sunday morning the Amherst County Sheriff did say the man has been identified as Jerry Myers, but neighbors and relatives of the man say they knew him by a different name. We are not going to release that name until the Sheriff's Office can confirm it to be true.

We put in several calls to the Amherst County Sheriffs' Office this afternoon, none have been returned.

We will bring you more information as it comes available.


Amherst Co., VA- Amherst County officials confirm a body was found down an embankment off Amelon Road in Madison Heights Saturday night.

We spoke with a man who identified himself as the brother of the man found dead. He says that his brother had been missing almost a week, and was last seen on Sunday. He tells us, officials confirmed with him, that the body was in fact that of his brother.

The Amherst County Sheriff's Office is staying very tight lipped on this one. We've learned from relatives and neighbors of this man, that he was in his late 50's. They say he lived with his son, less than a half a mile from where his body was found.

We are waiting for officials to confirm the man's identity before we release his name. The brother says the place where the body was found is very odd.

"He would never go this way, he had a pattern, it was the same thing every day, repetition every day," said Hillary Haley, the brother of the deceased man.

We have no word if foul play is suspected, but Haley says last week a neighbor noticed a few things around the man's house that raised some red flags.

"The door was unlocked. One of the neighbors went down and knocked on the door and when he knocked the door ajar. So he opened it and went in and nobody was there, and like I said that's not him," said Haley.

Again, we do not know if foul play is suspected. We have made several calls to Amherst County officials, none of which have been returned yet.

We will bring you more information as soon as we get it.