McDonnell to UVA Board: Make a Decision by Tuesday

Update 5 p.m.:

Richmond, VA - Governor Bob McDonnell released a statement to the Board of Visitors Friday afternoon in regards to the University of Virginia president controversy.

In the statement, he asks the board to make a decision by Tuesday or he will ask for the resignation of the entire board on Wednesday.

Read the complete statement here.


Lynchburg, VA - Governor Bob McDonnell was in Lynchburg Friday morning to speak to hundreds of high schoolers at the Boys State conference at Liberty University.

The governor took the podium to talk about leadership, the American Dream and the importance of college education.

McDonnell has refused to weigh in on who should lead UVA since the board of visitors, half of which he appointed, forced Teresa Sullivan to step down.

"That's not my job. I will not instruct people how to vote. That board is made up of incredibly solid, good people who love UVA," said McDonnell.

But the interim president, now refusing to take the position, makes finding a solution even harder. The governor now says the tug-of-war in Charlottesville needs to end.

"This needs to be brought to closure. We need finality. We need to have the settlement on the campus and the future direction and leadership has got to be resolved immediately."

When it comes to McDonnell's own future as possible Vice President, that's also uncertain.

"It's completely up to Governor Romney. I'm helping him in as many ways possible. My biggest goal is to help him win Virginia. Everything else is up to him."

The governor plans on releasing a further statement about the matter later Friday.