UPDATE: Martinsville Quilt Will Be Displayed

Martinsville, VA -- Martinsville City Council decided Tuesday night to display the controversial quilt. Councilwoman Sharon Hodge said a square on the quilt presented to council by students at the Piedmont Governor's School was racially offensive.

The council meeting was packed with people wanting to voice their opinions of the quilt and of Councilwoman Hodge.

Mayor Kim Adkins announced at the beginning of the public discussion, that council is not able to remove a council member for the controversy over the quilt. She said council would not entertain those types of comments. However, that did not stop a few who said Hodge should leave her position on city council. Those comments were followed by loud cheering and booing.

People of all ages and races spoke on both sides of the issue. Before the meeting, a local group receive more than 120 signatures on a petition to remove Hodge from the council. They say its not just about the quilt and that she a has an agenda and does not represent all of Martinsville's residents.

For now, council has not made a decision of where the quilt will be displayed. But they say it will be hung for one year and then returned to the teacher.

At the end of the meeting, Councilwoman Hodge simply said 'its time to move forward'.