UPDATE: Police Still Searching for Wanted Man Arrested and Released in W.Va.


Danville, VA - Berkley Furgurson was found in West Virginia after the Danville Police Department issued a warrant for his arrest on a stalking charge.{}

Furgurson made bond, but police say he has yet to show back up in Danville.

Some in the community are now wondering, why was he released in the first place?

Police say it is not uncommon for a suspect arrested in another state to be released on bond so quickly.

Furgurson had an outstanding protective order and warrant for his arrest for misdemeanor stalking, but according to investigators, had the charge been a felony, things may have gone differently.

The extradition process can be much more complicated for lesser charges.

Police say a judge usually will not hold a suspect as long or set bail as high for a misdemeanor.

When Furgurson was released in West Virginia, he was told to go straight back home to turn himself in - and he has not. Now, a charge for violating a protective order - which he was served in West Virginia - has been added.

Police still need help locating him, but they urge residents to proceed with caution.

"We believe he may be in Virginia now. If anyone sees him, we would like you to contact the local law enforcement. Don't try to apprehend him yourself, " said Danville Police Captain Dennis Haley.

If you have any information on Furgurson's whereabouts, call Danville police.


UPDATE: A Danville man arrested for stalking after being wanted by police is now wanted again.Berkley Allen Furgurson, 30, got arrested in West Virginia and was released on bond, under the condition that he would immediately return to Virginia, but he has not turned himself in and is still wanted on a stalking warrant in Danville.{}{}{} Police say Furgurson could be driving a gray 2003 Jaguar with Virginia license plates.{}{}{} Call Danville police if you see him.--------------Danville, VA - Danville Police say officers have arrested a man wanted for stalking.According to a press release, officers arrested Berkley Allen Furgurson, 30, in Pocahontas County, West Virginia Tuesday evening.{}The police department says he will be extradited back to Virginia.
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