Update: Man Involved in Police Incident in Lynchburg Dies

Update 5:15 p.m.:

Lynchburg, VA - The man who Lynchburg police say collapsed on Tulip Street Tuesday night has died.

Police were attempting to arrest a man wanted for a probation violation. During that search at 2224 Tulip Street, police say a different man, 29-year-old Levon Martin, ran as they approached. He ended up collapsing.

Police say Martin had a medical emergency while in officers' care, and he passed away Wednesday afternoon.


Update midnight:

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg man is being treated in the hospital after police say he collapsed as they were attempting to execute an arrest warrant in the White Rock neighborhood of the city Tuesday night.

For hours, police activity drew a huge crowd of onlookers, many friends and neighbors of the man who police say was not the fugitive they were looking for.

The sidewalks along Lynchburg's Tulip Street, packed with police, and curious onlookers. Many of them, neighbors and friends of Shawn Martin, a man they say was taken to the hospital after police attempted to execute multiple arrest warrants in his neighborhood.

"They had covered him up you know so we couldn't see, but we see them giving him CPR and all that stuff" said one woman.

According to police a man was outside and fled when approached by officers.

"They took off after him, the next thing they know they got him over here, giving him CPR. They tased him too many times" said a man that lives near Martin.

Neighbors claim when the man ran, he was tased.

We spoke with Lynchburg Chief of Police, Parks Snead, "Based on the information available at this time, officers did not use tasers, or any other use of force in this apprehension. We have since confirmed that this person is not the fugitive officers were seeking on Tulip Street earlier this evening" said Snead.

According to Snead, the man surrendered to police during the pursuit.

It was when they brought him back to Tulip Street that he collapsed, and police began to perform CPR.

A massive police presence, lingered for much of the night in a community awed by what they witnessed.

"It's very angry. It's angry" said a neighbor.

No word from police if the fugitives they were looking for Tuesday, were ever found.


Lynchburg, VA - We have crews on the scene of an incident in the White Rock neighborhood of Lynchburg.

Witnesses on the scene tell us Lynchburg Police were executing a search warrant at 2200 Block of Tulip around 8 p.m.

They said a man came out and ran around the back with police pursuing him. Witnesses then said police carried the man back around to the front of the house and he was unresponsive.

Those witnesses said he was taken away in an ambulance.

Neighbors also said the man's wife called from the hospital and she told them he does have a pulse.

Witnesses observed police pulling taser wires off of the man's chest but Lynchburg police have not confirmed this.

Right now we are on the scene awaiting more information from Lynchburg Police.