UPDATE: Investigators Recover Items From Rockfish River in Search for Murphy

UPDATE: 2:18 p.m.

Nelson Co., VA - ABC 13 has confirmed with investigators that several items were found in various locations Saturday during a search effort for Alexis Murphy.{}

While some media outlets report that an item found Saturday in the Rockfish River was a red sweater, ABC 13's Parker Slaybaugh spoke with investigators who say that an item was discovered in the river, but there has been no determination made to connect anything to Alexis Murphy at this point.

It is important to note that the original description that investigators released stated that Alexis was wearing a pink top with lettering on it.

A few local search dog teams were out searching for Alexis Murphy again earlier Sunday.

ABC 13 is working to confirm exactly what was found Saturday and will bring you updates as we get them.


Shipman, VA - A source tells ABC 13 that something was discovered in the Rockfish River during a search for Alexis Murphy Saturday, but would not say what was found, and says they do not know if it is connected with Alexis' disappearance.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the item discovered was a red sweater.

ABC 13 is working to independently confirm exactly what was recovered.

It has been nearly a month since 17-year-old Alexis Murphy was last seen.

Investigators say they won't quit searching until they find her and bring her home.

More than 50 professional search and rescue personnel were on the ground in Nelson County Saturday, looking for anything that may lead them to Alexis.

Their search focused right around Route 29, Rockfish River, and other secondary roads in the area.

Investigators say they are still considering the case a "Search and Rescue", meaning they still hope to bring Alexis home alive.

All across Nelson County, pink ribbons are still a glaring reminder that the community is not complete without Alexis.

"Every day you get up and 'today is the day we are going to find her,' and you go to bed and 'well we'll find her tomorrow'," said Trina Murphy, Alexis Murphy's Aunt.

Four weeks to the day after Alexis Murphy went missing, search and rescue teams, dog teams, and a dive team spanned Nelson County looking for any sign of the missing teen.

"These are areas that are primarily secondary roads with very steep embankments, heavily wooded vegetated areas, and these are areas that we are possibly thinking Taylor may have traveled during his travels in Nelson County," Billy Mays, Nelson County Sheriff's Chief Deputy said.

Mays says some of the areas are where residents claim to have seen Taylor in the days after Alexis went missing.

"Some of the areas that we are searching there's been witnesses that think they may have seen Taylor in these areas. Some of the areas are in close proximity to where he was residing, then other areas are just secondary roads that are very secluded and off the beaten path," Mays said.

As for the family, they are staying positive and are confident that Alexis is coming home.

"I can't focus on negative thoughts right now, it's why I don't respond to negative thoughts on social media and negative thoughts from other people. It's just I don't have the energy nor the time to deal with that right now I just need to focus on finding Alexis," Trina Murphy said.

Trina Murphy says Alexis' bedroom looks the same way it did on August 3, the day that she went missing, adding that there are still clothes lying on the floor, waiting on Alexis to hang them up.