Update: Increased Police Activity at Randy Taylor's Home

Update 7 p.m.:

There has been a lot of police activity at the home of suspect Randy Taylor Wednesday.

Around 10 a.m., there were around six law enforcement vehicles on his property, and they were using dogs and ATV's.

But around 4 p.m., his property really filled up with even more police vehicles. At last check, there were about 14 vehicles right in his front yard.

Shortly after, they arrived an investigator with the Nelson County Sheriff's office came and asked all the media to move back further away from Taylor's property.

He then put up crime scene tape, and shortly after that many agents could be seen searching the wooded areas again around the property.

They are not saying what they are looking for or if they have found anything. But they did say it is still important for people who may have seen that cameo colored truck of Taylor's, to call the sheriff's department.

After one man saw our picture of the truck, it jogged his memory and he alerted the sheriff's department.

"I noticed a two other people there was a white female long blonde hair maybe brownish and then the other one was a white Caucasian I'm not sure whether it was a long hair male or a long hair female," said Daniel Jones.

Jones says that was last Monday, two days after Alexis went missing. Officials have not said much to the media since their announcement of the arrest on Monday.


Nelson Co., VA - Investigators in the Alexis Murphy case have returned to Randy Taylor's Nelson County home.

Our crew on the scene has seen search dogs and ATVs on the scene there, off Route 29 in Lovingston.

Taylor appeared in a Nelson County courtroom Tuesday for his advisement hearing.

The judge set his preliminary hearing for January 9.

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