Update: Halifax County Woman Charged With Child Endangerment

Update: 4:00 p.m.:Halifax Co., VA -- A mother is behind bars after investigators in Halifax County say she left her infant in the woods overnight. 25-year-old Rachel Pittman called 911 to report that her baby was stolen. But investigators say she later confessed what really happened.

Many investigators say they've never seen anything like this happen. But with the danger of animals and cold temperatures, everyone is thankful the baby is okay.

Halifax County Investigator Mike Womack took us back to the scene where they say a 5-month-old baby girl spent Friday night.

"She indicated to the right on this section of the bushes," said Womack.

Just days before, Womack wasn't accompanying camera crews, but the baby's mother, Rachel Pittman.

"The baby was moving, wasn't crying or anything. You could tell the baby was alive," said Womack.

But before they went into the woods, investigators say Pittman had a different story about where the girl was. Sheriff Fred Clark says Pittman called 911 Saturday morning, telling deputies someone stole her daughter right out of the house.

"She advised them that when she went to bed Friday night at 11 o'clock the baby was fine. But when she checked on her at 7:45 Saturday morning, the baby was missing," said Clark.

But the house didn't have signs of forced entry and he says the story didn't quite add up.

"Evidence at the scene didn't collaborate with her story. So we felt like her story was inaccurate," said Clark.

They took Pittman in for questioning where they say she admitted to the whole thing.

"She told investigators that she had carried the baby to a wooded area a few miles away from her house," said Clark.

Investigators say the girl had been left here for 17 hours. Emergency crews immediately brought the baby to the hospital where they say aside from mosquito bites and dehydration, she's fine.

"I was elated to find the child safe because in our job we find so many situations that don't come out like this," said Womack.

The baby is now with foster parents. Pittman has been charged with felony child endangerment and we're told she has more charges forthcoming. She is being held at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail.

-------------------------Halifax Co., VA- A Halifax County woman has been charged with child abandonment after officials say she left her 5-month-old baby in the woods Friday night.

Saturday morning 25-year-old Rachel Pittman told Halifax County investigators that someone broke into her house in Nathalie and took her daughter. After investigating, officials brought Pittman to the Sheriff's Office for further questioning. That's when officials say she admitted she took her baby into the woods Friday night around 9 o'clock and left her there.

Around 2 p.m. Saturday deputies found the child unharmed, about a mile and half away from a dump site. The baby was taken to the hospital to get checked out. She is doing fine and is now with foster parents.

Pittman is facing more charges and is being held at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail.

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