Update: Gleaning For The World Sends Clean Water To West Virginia

Update: Sunday, Jan. 12

Appomattox, VA- Gleaning for the World President Rev. Ron Davidson says his organization has sent nine shipments of water to residents around Charleston, WV. In all, nearly 220,000 bottles of water been delivered to people who cannot use their water supply because of a chemical spill.

Davidson says in order to keep sending aid, Gleaning needs financial donations. They're asking for donations to continue their support for people in West Virginia. You can give at their website.


Appomattox, VA - More than 300,000 people in West Virginia are being urged to not drink their water. The questions continue following a major chemical spill in West Virginia.

A foaming agent used in preparing coal leaked from a tank at a chemical plant and ran right into the Elk River. Cleanup crews have been working non-stop but officials say it could be weeks before the water supply is safe.

But help came to those in West Virginia from Gleaning for the World. The organization sent more than 100,000 bottles of water to West Virginia.

Friday was a busy day at their facility in Appomattox.

"This is actually the third place I've been to trying to get water, so I've resorted to ice" said one woman in West Virginia.

More than 300,000 people, in nine counties rushed Friday to stock up on water, soft drinks, ice, anything they could get their hands on.

"When you find out that they cannot simply drink water period, not even out of the ground, not even out of a mud hole, you've got to help these folk" said Reverend Ron Davidson, the President of Gleaning for the World.

Davidson's organization sent support to West Virginia in the form of thousands of bottles of water.

"We've got about five tractor trailer loads, about 110,000 bottles of water that's leaving tonight" he said.

His Phone for most of Friday was ringing off the hook.

"We're a little bit busy today" he told one person over the phone.

Organizations he said were desperately seeking sources of drinking water. Clean water supplies in West Virginia, are running dry. Davidson said as soon as his trucks arrive in Charleston, the water they carry will likely disappear.

"They honestly do not know whether we're looking at a couple days or whether we're looking at several weeks, so we're going to have to keep shipping water just as long as we can" he said.

The effects of the spill still unknown; cattle and livestock are without water. There are also potential environmental impacts.

"We don't know how widespread this thing is going to be" said Davidson.

Gleaning for the World is seeking your help. They're asking for donations to continue their support for people in West Virginia. You can give at their website.