UPDATE: First Chance of Winter Wed Looking More Like Rain

UPDATE: Sunday 1:09 p.m.

From ABC 13 Meteorologists Mike Goldberg and Jamey Singleton:

Lynchburg, VA - While still not out of the realm of possibility, the chances of seeing snow, or even a wintry mix are fading fast for the hill city.

More and more computer models are suggesting the storm will take a western track, up the Appalachian Mountains Wednesday. That scenario could bring a wintry mix for some areas in the Allegheny Highlands and Shenandoah Valley , but not for our area.

Still, the ABC 13 Weather Experts are watching this system closely. The good news is that it looks like we will at least see some much-needed moisture from Wednesday's system.

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UPDATE: 6:29 p.m.

Lynchburg, VA - A storm system is headed our way. What form the precipitation will take is still in question, though.

After looking colder and snowy for the area, many computer models pointed to a complete reversal of the system's track, pulling warmer air into Virginia.

That would mean rain Wednesday, not snow.

However, some models are hanging onto the snowier solution, and there is plenty of time for our ABC 13 Weather Experts to nail down the details.

As of Saturday, a "wintry mix" appears most likely.

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Lynchburg, VA - It won't be a white Christmas for many in central and southwest Virginia, but if the forecast trends that our ABC 13 Meteorologists use are correct, some could see snow just after the Holiday.

The system is still four days away, and as always changes in the track of the system will determine who in our area sees rain, a mix, or even snow.

Either way, people who will be traveling back to the area from the Northeast U.S. the day after Christmas will have to keep an eye on the upcoming storm system.

Beyond Wednesday, the weather pattern may indeed turn more wintry, with more systems to track as we head into January.

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