Update: Driver ID'ed In Fatal Accident Outside South Boston Walmart

South Boston, VA - Police say it's a tragedy that could have been much, much worse.Around 2 pm, South Boston Police say a silver vehicle sped through the parking lot and hit two parked cars before slamming into a concrete pole and flipping over.The driver, 56-year-old Clifton Russell Junior of Nathalie, died at the scene. A passenger was airlifted to the hospital.Police say speed was a factor.With the accident happening so close to the Walmart entrance, police say it's a miracle none of the customers entering or exiting the store were hurt."On a Friday, early afternoon, beautiful weather, crowded Walmart...we are very fortunate no other civilians were injured, " said South Boston Police Chief Jim Binner.One of the parked cars hit was occupied. That passenger was not hurt, but he says he could not believe what was happening right before his eyes."It happened so fast. I didn't even see the truck when it came by. If I had been sitting over further, I'd be gone probably, " said Bennie Hagurd - Staten. Dozens of onlookers gathered at the Walmart, but police kept them back until the scene could be cleared.That Walmart did not close as result of the crash.The driver's body has been transported to the Medical Examiner's office for an autopsy. -----------------------South Boston, VA - We have just learned about a fatal accident in front of the Walmart in South Boston. One person is dead and another has been airlifted.South Boston Police say a car was speeding through the parking lot when it hit two parked cars, then a pole and flipped. The car's driver was killed, and the passenger has been taken to the hospital. Stay with ABC 13 for more on this developing story.