Update: Christiansburg Police Find Owners of Injured Dog

UPDATE: The injured poodle found by the Christiansburg Police Department is on the mend and going home. 'Peeti' was found by Christiansburg police in the early morning of July 28. Her injuries indicated that she may have been attacked by a larger dog, though it is also possible she was hit by a car.The Christiansburg Police Department and Town and Country Veterinary Clinic stepped in and Peeti underwent life-saving surgery. Thanks to media coverage of her story, Peeti received many generous donations and offers to adopt her, as well as calls from people as far away as Richmond hoping she might be their missing dog. One of those calls was from a local family that owned a poodle for six years before having to re-home her last year due to unforeseen circumstances. That dog turned out to be Peeti. Though the Christiansburg Police Department followed up on leads trying to contact her current owners, they could not be reached. "Peeti's former owners are now in a position to take her back and very much want her home with their family. Peeti was so excited to see her owner again; it was obvious she recognized her and was happy to be reunited," said Becky Wilburn, Director of Public Relations. "For Peeti's sake, placing her back in a home she knows and obviously misses is the best outcome for her at this time." Peeti's owners, who wish to remain anonymous, are extremely appreciative of people's support for her recovery. They were able to cover the costs of Peeti's medical care that were not offset by donations. Peeti is expected to make a full recovery. --------Christiansburg, VA - Christiansburg Police are hoping to find the owner of a dog found injured early Monday morning on Roanoke Street near Starlight Drive. The police officer who found the female toy poodle took her to Town and Country Veterinary Clinic in Christiansburg after animal control was unable to assist with the situation. According to police, the poodle's severe injuries indicate she may have been attacked by a larger dog, though it is also possible she was hit by a car. Thanks to a joint effort between Christiansburg Police Department, Town and Country Veterinary Clinic and private donations, the dog underwent emergency life-saving surgery and is currently recovering from her injuries. Veterinarians at Town and Country report she is doing well, though she will still require additional medical attention."This is a fairly unique situation for the Police Department to get involved in, but it felt like the right thing to do to give her a chance at recovery," said Public Relations Director Becky Wilburn. "Because she wasn't wearing any tags, we have not been able to locate her owner. Until then, we are referring to her as 'Peeti,'as in Christiansburg P-D."When she was found, 'Peeti' had long, apricot-colored fur. She is believed to be approximately 10 years old."We're hoping for a happy ending; that either her owner can be located or she can find a new home after she recovers," added Wilburn.If you have any information about 'Peeti' or would like to help, please contact Town and Country Veterinary Clinic at (540) 382-5042.