Update: Charges Certified Against Two Minors in Lawrence Giusto Murder

Update: 4:50 p.m.:

Lynchburg, VA - Charges are moving forward against two more defendants charged in connection with Lawrence Giusto's death.

Three juveniles were in Lynchburg J&D Court Friday afternoon. So far, two will face trial, with a third juvenile's hearing being delayed.

The juveniles, two-16 and one-17 year old, are charged with four counts, including first degree murder.

The 17 year old waived his preliminary hearing immediately.

The first 16 year old, whose lawyer had requested a doctor's evaluation, due to multiple concussions, says the doctor has not yet examined him, despite a court order to do so by July 28th. Judge H. Cary Payne postponed his hearing until mid-September.

In the last preliminary hearing, the second 16 year old heard testimony from the friend of Giusto, who was sitting the driver's seat, next to Giusto, when the shots rang out. Also testifying: The 17 year old minor, who earlier waived his hearing. According to the 17 year old, he admitted to driving the lead car in the shooting, with the 16 year old minor in the back seat. However, he says he did not know there was a gun in the car, until the 16 year old started shooting.

The two minors had their charges certified, and will now face a trial in Circuit Court.


Lynchburg, VA - Three minors charged in the June drive-by murder of 20-year old Lawrence Giusto are in Juvenile and District Court on Friday, each facing their own preliminary hearing.

The five adults charged in faced their own hearings in District Court on Thursday. First degree murder charges were certified for four adults, with Judge R. Edward Burnett dismissing the charges against 19-year old Jakiel Benson.

The minors, in the 16 to 17 year old range, face four charges, including first degree murder. The court will also hear the results of tests on one minor, who underwent concussion testing, to determine his health and condition, at the time of the alleged crime.

ABC 13's Dave Walls is in court for the hearings, and will bring you updates throughout the day, and live reports tonight on ABC 13 News.