Update: Boil Water Advisory Lifted in Martinsville

Update: 9:56 a.m.

Martinsville, VA - Aboil water advisory in Martinsville has been lifted following a water main break last week.

Officials released astatement Monday morning saying a problem with drinking water has been corrected.

Thebreak that happened in front of the Hardees on the corner of Bridge Street andMemorial Boulevard Friday afternoon. About15 streets were affected.

Crewsworked through the weekend replace the pipes and do some water securitytesting.


Martinsville, VA - Martinsville is under a boil water advisory, stemming from a water main break in front of the Hardees on the corner of Bridge Street and Memorial Boulevard Friday night.

Officials say they hope to lift the advisory Sunday tonight or Monday morning at the latest.

As of Sunday evening, about 15 streets were affected.

Crews are working to replace the pipes and do some water security testing before they give people the all-clear.

Some Martinsville residents say they aren't bothered by the advisory, but others say having to boil water for everything is quite an inconvenience. They add that having to buy bottled water over the weekend has racked up some expense.

"Friday they told us not to be drinking the water right now, they notice said, until they come back and tell us otherwise. You know, it's expensive to have to take all your bottled waters and use them and stuff, instead of the faucet, so it's a little expensive," said resident Alice Mason.

"I've just been buying water. I always like to get bottled water anyway," Martinsville resident Kisharn Starkie said.

People living in the area will be notified once the advisory has been lifted.

Until the advisory is lifted, however, officials say to boil water for at least one minute in Martinsville.