Bedford Co. Woman Accused of Murdering 2 Year Old Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

UPDATE: Shana Witt was found incompetent to stand trial Thursday morning.Witt will undergo a competency restoration process, where a mental health professional will visit her in jail and work with her to understand the court process.Her new competency review hearing is scheduled for November 3rd.----------Bedford Co., VA - A Bedford County man charged with abusing two children in his home has been indicted.Michael Smith has been indicted on three charges, two counts of child abuse and conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.Smith's next court appearance is scheduled for July 29th according to Commonwealth's Attorney Randy Krantz.His wife Shana Witt is charged with first-degree murder.Her preliminary hearing is set for later this month, when the results of mental evaluations are ready.A search warrant says Witt confessed to smothering their son, 2-year-old Jordan Smith with a stuffed dog in February and that investigators found a stuffed animal, matching that description, in the boy's bed inside the family's trailer.