UPDATE: Authorities Find Alexis Murphy's Car in Charlottesville

UPDATE: 10:50 PM

Charlottesville, VA - The Nelson County Sheriff's Office says missing 17-year-old Alexis Murphy's car{}was spotted unattended in the old Carmike Cinema parking lot just outside of the Charlottesville city limits on Tuesday.

That's 39 miles north of where Murphy was last seen{}at the Liberty gas station in Lovingston on Saturday night.

ABC 13 has confirmed with Murphy's family that Alexis is employed at a consignment shop less than a half mile from the Carmike Theatre.

Investigators say a tipster called into authorities Tuesday night, after they recognized the car from hearing reports of its description on the news.

At about 9 p.m., police rushed to the scene. We're told there's a K-9 unit being used to help establish a potential track from the car.

Charlottesville police, Nelson County, and Albermarle County Deputies, State Police and the FBI are all on the scene searching the area.

Investigators have relocated their command center, previously at the Tye River Elementary School in Nelson County,{}to that parking lot next to Murphy's white Nissan Maxima.

Murphy's father Troy Brown says he's so grateful her car has been found. He's hoping this can lead to some substantial leads in the search for his daughter.

We will be following this story closely all night, stay with ABC 13 News for the latest developments.


Charlottesville, VA - Tuesday night, the Nelson County Sheriff's Office confirmed they found Alexis Murphy's white Nissan Maxima with the plates they've been trying to locate.

Investigators tell ABC 13 News it was in the parking lot of the old Carmike Theater in Charlottesville.{}

The car was located around 9 p.m. Tuesday.


UPDATE: 6:41 p.m.

Nelson Co., VA - More than 72 hours have passed since anyone has heard from Alexis Murphy.

The FBI posted a statewide call for information on Alexis Murphy Tuesday evening.

The search has been expanded to thirty miles past one of Alexis' last known whereabouts.

"Yesterday in the general area, nothing was fruitful so we are extending out from Lovingston from the Liberty Station outward," Sheriff David Brooks said.

Between 6 and 8 p.m. Saturday, investigators say Alexis was at a Liberty Gas Station. They have surveillance video of her there, now they are asking anyone along Route 29 that may have similar video to please let them know.

"[We are] focusing on 29 looking for any video footage that we can find, whether it be residential footage or business footage," Sheriff Brooks said.

The Sheriff says the search for Alexis Murphy is a massive one. More than 50 members of law enforcement are on the ground following leads and in the skies trying to locate Murphy's missing car.

Investigators also say they received several tips Monday night and they are following up on each and every one.

Carey Banton taught Alexis when she was in 5th grade and says she is one of a kind.

"We loved having her in 5th grade," Banton said. "Alexis was a very sweet child she was a very hard working student and she was very outgoing."

Monday Alexis returned to the very elementary school she taught Alexis in, and that is when the seriousness of the case set in.

"It's kind of surreal going back to school yesterday and we had our gym used for FBI and police it was kind of surreal watching everything that was going on while we were at the same time trying to get our room ready," Banton said.

Law enforcement also confirms that Alexis Murphy's cell phone is no longer active, which could mean that the phone's battery is dead or it could mean the phone is destroyed.

If you have seen Alexis, call the police immediately at 434-263-7050.