Update: Appomattox Co. Judge Sentences Christopher Speight to Five Life Terms in Prison

Update 4:20 p.m.:

Appomattox Co., VA - The judge in Appomattox County has sentenced Christopher Speight to five life terms in prison, plus 18 years.

Speight admitted to killing eight people in January 2010: Morgan Dobyns, 15, Ronald Scruggs II, 16, Emily Quarles, 15, Karen Quarles, 43, and Jonathan Quarles, 43, Dwayne Sipe, 38, Lauralee Sipe, 38 and Joshua Sipe, 4.


Update 4 p.m.:

Appomattox Co., VA - The judge accepted Christopher Speight's guilty plea Friday night.

In the Appomattox County courtroom, Speight admitted to shooting most of the victims from a tree house next to property in January 2010.

Two different reports found by two different psychiatrists found him mentally insane at the time of the offense.

Speight told investigators shortly after that an Egyptian princess named Jennifer told him to shoot his family because they were possessed by demons.

The killings continued when other people showed up to house because he was afraid they were going to help the dead people and their bodies had to rot so their bodies could be used to attack humans.


Update 3:10 p.m.

Appomattox Co., VA - Christopher Speight has pleaded guilty to nine charges, including three counts of capital murder, one count of attempted capital murder and five firearms charges.


Appomattox Co., VA - The man accused of killing eight people in Appomattox County three years ago is expected to be in court Friday.

A hearing for Christopher Speight is set for 2:30 p.m. Prosecutors aren't saying what the hearing's about, but Speight is expected to be there in person.

The commonwealth's attorney will hold a news conference following the hearing.

Then at 6 p.m., the families of the victims are holding a candlelight vigil outside of the courthouse.

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