Update: Appalachian Power Restores Power to Most in Southwestern Virginia

Update 6 p.m.:

Appalachian power is reporting that only 1,113 people are left without power in Floyd County.


Update Friday 11 a.m.:

Appalachian Power is reporting that only 2,213 people are still without power in Virginia.

Floyd County has 1,843 people without power, Carroll County has 194, and Patrick County has 176.


Copper Hill, VA - The power is still out for thousands of Appalachian Power customers stretching from Roanoke County to Grayson County.

A big chunk of those outages is in Floyd County all due to the nasty weather front that pushed through our area Wednesday.

However, wind advisories have been canceled, which should make it easier for crews to get the lights back on.

The storm left different footprints in different places.

In Floyd County, it was snow and ice followed by strong overnight winds, which made for a long evening for more than a third of the county.

"If it's high winds you know it's going to be limbs dropping, ice coming off of the trees, and even some power lines and power poles getting knocked down," said Don Hall, who is a crew supervisor with Appalachian Power.

He's the guy thousands of people are counting on.

His first task of the day is getting the main line that runs from the Roanoke County line to the Town of Floyd - back up and running as fast as he can.

Residents say the power was restored once, than went down again around 2 a.m.

"This is the main problem right here. Once we get this up we'll get most of 3 Phase on and that will get a tremendous amount of customers up," said Hall.

Until they do, homes and businesses along US 221 remain in the dark.

"We're low. We're low on gas. We're almost on empty so we were hoping this gas station would be open but the power is out," said Carrie Heitmeyer.

No power means no gas for anyone at this store - including Heitmeyer and her traveling companion, Brandon, who are enjoying the Crooked Road.

However their car's on fumes, presenting them with a dilemma.

"Whether to go back to Roanoke, which is in the opposite direction. Or plunge ahead and hope that our gas lasts until the next gas station," Heitmeyer said.

In addition to local crews, crews from Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky are also helping out.

Officials hope to get most all customers back on line by this evening but say some in the hardest hit areas may have to wait until Friday night.