Update: Amherst Co. School Leaders Investigating School Bus Incident

Update noon:

Amherst Co., VA - - The Amherst County Superintendent says they launched an investigation Thursday.

The superintendent says the transportation director of Amherst County Schools looked at the tape from the bus camera, and there was no person or no object within 3 feet of the bus, which is how far the camera can see.

They don't believe the bus driver did anything wrong.

ABC 13 is working to reach the transportation director and ask to review the video ourselves.


Madison Heights, VA - A Madison Heights woman says her 4-year-old daughter was trying to get onto the school bus Thursday morning when the bus driver pulled forward, with the doors open, and drove away.

Alexia Coleman says her daughter was about to step off the curb at the intersection of Phelps Road and Business 29 around 8:35 a.m. when the bus took off.

ABC 13 is waiting to hear back from school administrators to get their account of what happened.

Coleman says other parents witnessed the event.