Unusually Cool Summer Helping A Lot of People In Our Area

Danville, VA -- We have not had a summer this cool in a decade, according to our ABC 13 meteorologists in the Weather Center. A lot of us have been enjoying the mild temperatures and it's especially good for some folks in our area.

It's hard not to notice the cooler temperatures. Especially since, according to our weather experts, this has been the second coolest start to August on record for our area.

For Tommy Scott, a mild summer means a productive one. He likes to spend his days off of work, out in his yard. But really hot days prevent him from staying outside for too long.

"This summer has been really mild, really really nice summer," says Scott.

According to our ABC 13 Weather experts, so far, the average high temperature this month has been 7 degrees below normal in Lynchburg, and 5 degrees in Danville. That can make a huge difference. Hospice Director at Commonwealth Home Nursing Sandra Wilson says hot temperatures can lead to severe health problems for elderly patients.

"This year I have seen a decrease in the breathing problems and some of the dehydration," says Wilson.

And she says the milder weather means they can enjoy the outdoors.

"A lot of them, if it's really hot, they can't even get out of the house," says Wilson.

But what this weather isn't good for is insect infestations. Technical Supervisor at Four Seasons Pest Control Tim Wolfe says he's never seen this many active spiders this early in the year.

"We definitely see an increase this month but I foresee it being worse," says Wolfe.

Wolfe tells us the spiders are about a month and a half early because of the weather and that means they have more time to reproduce and then wander indoors.

Wolfe tells us another insect that is out in full force this summer is ants. He says with the amount of rain we are getting mixed with the cooler temperatures, they are seeing a lot more than usual. Wolfe suggests to seal up your home to prevent them from coming inside.