Unusual Plant Grows by Bedford Co. Road

Bedford Co., VA - Two unusual plants have drivers doing a double take in Bedford County.

Century plants sit along Route 122 at a home between Moneta and Bedford. The plants originated in Mexico.

The homeowner, Stella Brown, says her grandmother brought a slip back from Texas in 1960.

The plants were only at ground level three weeks ago. They shot up to about 14 feet and sprouted arms and blooms after the rain.

"I like sitting here looking at it and I've had people from everywhere stop. A lot of people we see stop up on the road and take a picture of it. A lot of 'em come in. One man was a school teacher in Bedford, he lived in Franklin County and he said, 'I've seen it every day, now I want to know what it is,'" said Brown.

Brown planted them about 10 years ago and has 30 plants in all. Once they bloom, they die.