Unseasonably Cold Weather is No Good for Nurseries, Gardeners

Danville, VA - Lots of people are wondering -- where is Spring?

Even the famous cherry blossoms in Washington haven't bloomed for the year, and the Park Service keeps moving the expected bloom dates.
Local nurseries and garden shops have really seen a decline in their early spring sales, and the gardeners that usually buy those flowers are just as disappointed about not being able to get out in their gardens.
"Normally this time of the year, we've had a lot of customers - especially with the early veggies and the pansies, but with the cold weather, it's just kind of kept people away, "said Mim Craig at Harris Nursery.
This time last year, their business was booming, but this spring hasn't yielded the same kind of sales.
"They are coming in, they're looking to see what we have. They're happy, but some have held back, " Craig.
When the temperatures drop below a certain point, they cover the plants to protect them from frost, but many who garden regularly, have chosen to wait it out.
Michelle Robinson owns a farm in Halifax County. She says she takes great care to protect both her plants and animals during these last days of the cold weather.
"You don't want to get out and work so much when it's cold out, but I have to watch them. I have to make sure that they are brought up and kept in a warm stall, because if they're born out there, they could end up getting too cold, " Robinson said.
With warmer temperatures predicted for next week, it seems like our chilliest days are behind us, and the folks who rely on spring weather couldn't be happier.
We're ready, we're anxious. Our plants are gorgeous this year. They're ready for a home. Just come on in and see us, " Craig said.
She says there are a lot of vegetables and perennials that can be planted right now despite the cold, but with the way things are looking out here right now, it might be best to save those for next week.

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