United Way Cuts Boy Scout's Funding

Some cuts this year are leaving the Blue Ridge Mountains Council of the Boy Scouts of America scrambling for donations.

The United Way of Roanoke Valley decided to cut $60,000 to the Boy Scouts for their Scoutreach program.

With that cash, they reach out to boys who might not otherwise be able to be a part of a troop, especially those in the inner city.

Frank Rogan, the executive director of the United Way of the Roanoke Valley, says they adopted a new strategic direction to focus on three key impact areas: Education, income and health.

He says investment decisions are based on how each program that applies for money aligns with this criteria. He also says other programs fit better with that goal.

That said, the United Way offered the Boy Scouts the opportunity to allow donors to continue to support its work through United Way's annual campaign.

Boy Scouts accepted, so if you designate that group in your donation, it will go to them.