Uncle Writes Children's Book to Raise Money for Little Girl Battling Cancer

Lynchburg, VA - The uncle of a 14-month-old fighting cancer is trying to raise money to help her family pay for her treatments.

Claire Parker was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and started chemotherapy at Duke Hospital back in August.

Claire's uncle, Jonathan Parker, thought of a creative way to fundraise for Claire and her parents.

He wrote a book called "Claire and Anna The Live Nativity" that's just been published. Parker teamed up with Liberty University's publishing company to make it happen.

The book is dedicated to his niece Claire and his own 10-month-old daughter Anna.

Liberty Mountain Publishing paired him with an illustrator to draw the pictures in the book.

The story is about two girls --Claire and Anna-- who are looking for a doll that's missing from the nativity scene. In the end, they find the doll and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Parker says he wanted to do something that could help bring families together that also shared an important message.

"We believe in all of this that God is good. So we wanted to share a message of hope and we thought that doing that with a children's book would be awesome for families to be able to read this," he said.

The book will be available for $10 starting Saturday in different retailers in our area. Parker will be at a book signing Saturday at Altavista's Main Street Cafe from noon to 2 p.m.

You can also buy the book at these locations:

Lynchburg - The Farm Basket; Thomas Road Baptist Church; Liberty University Bookstore

Altavista - Main Street Cafe; Emily Kathryn Boutique

Chatham - ChathaMooca

Danville - The Gingerbread House

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