Unemployment Number Lower in Martinsville, Mayor Positive About Future

Danville, VA - The unemployment numbers are out, and much of our area is still higher than anywhere else in the state.

Martinsville is the highest in Virginia, but across the board, the unemployment rate is down for the month of September.

Martinsville Mayor Kim Adkins is very happy to see Martinsville's numbers drop. In September, the town was just under 15 %. Compare that to August with 16.2 % and last year with 17 %.

Virginia's average was 5.6 % in September.

Adkins attributes Martinsville's numbers partly to the improvement of the economy. But she also says that lowering unemployment has been a top priority for city council.

Adkins says even though some companies such as MasterBrand Cabinets have closed, many others are opening or expanding.

She says these lower numbers mean more citizens have opportunities, and the future of Martinsville and Henry County is looking bright.

"We are a resilient community and we have an infrastructure in place to give people opportunities to go back to school so that they could get new skill sets to be in a better position to get those vacancies that are currently available," said Adkins.

Of the metropolitan regions in the Commonwealth, Danville ranked the highest with unemployment at just under 8 %.