Two Young Boys Alone In House That Caught Fire

Danville, VA - Two young boys were the only ones inside a home that caught fire Wednesday. Thankfully, they were able to get out safely.Emergency crews responded to Goodyear Boulevard in Danville around 9:30 Wednesday morning. The boys are part of a family of seven, now looking for somewhere else to live.The devastation from this fire is easy to see. Had 8-year-old Patrick Botkin and his brother, 10-year-old Edward not responded quickly, they could be among the ruins."I saw smoke and I called Edward then I said 'the house is on fire'," said Patrick. Edward says he took action quickly, going toward the smoke and trying to stomp out the flames. But when he realized he couldn't control the fire, he did the next best thing."I looked around for anything that I really needed and I couldn't see nothing so I run out," said Edward. Edward also told Patrick to leave. Just outside, their mother Patricia realized what was going on. Their father arrived home shortly after to see the house on fire."The house was smoking out the windows and everything," said Patrick. Edward says he ran to the their neighbor's house and called 9-1-1."I'm just really thankful to the Lord that my children are okay," said Patricia. Four truck crews and a ladder unit responded. The house sustained significant damage. But Patricia says she's just thankful that her most prized possessions got out safely."You never know, somebody could have got hurt if he didn't discover it like he did," said Patricia.In fact, there was an injury from this fire. A firefighter was taken to the hospital with a leg injury. He has since been released. The Red Cross is assisting the family. The cause was determined to be a candle.