Two-Year-Old Girl Shot in the Head with a BB Gun in South Boston

South Boston, VA - For Charles Waller, learning that his granddaughter had been hit with a bb was a nightmare.

"A guy came, had the baby in his arms, and she was bleeding, and he said a guy had shot her with a bb, " Waller said.
Witnesses say twenty-two-year-old Nathan Allen was playing with a bb gun on Spring Avenue when he accidentally shot two-year-old Sunyilah Waller in the forehead from close range.
Family members rushed the child to Halifax Regional Medical Center where they learned she needed to be transported to VCU Medical Center in Richmond.
"Everybody was just panicking. All I remember, the baby was really bleeding, and something... a bb was still stuck in her forehead, " said Waller.
Allen had been staying at his grandmother's house down the street, and police believe there was vandalism there in retaliation.
"It damaged my van window in the back. I don't know who did it, " said Allen's grandmother, but police say Allen was very cooperative as he was taken into custody and charged with
"Mr. Allen had actually called police immediately following the incident to turn himself in, " said Lt. Dennis Barker with the South Boston Police Department.
Now as the family of little Sunyilah prays for a speedy recovery, police want to remind bb gun owners of just how dangerous they can be if not handled properly.
"Just like with an actual gun, a pellet gun can cause serious injury and harm. They need to treat them just as they would a loaded firearm, " Barker said.
Police are still investigating both the shooting and the vandalism at Allen's home. Allen is being held at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail on $2,500 bond.