Two-Year Anniversary of 5.8 M Earthquake that Shook East Coast

People were evacuated in DC after the earthquake

Friday marks the two-year anniversary of the massive earthquake that shook most of the East Coast. The center of that 5.8 magnitude earthquake was at Mineral in Louisa County.

Seismic studies show that the earthquake was felt by people in more than a dozen states.

Earlier Friday, we asked on Facebook if our viewers recalled the earthquake and if you knew what was happening.

Here are some of the comments we got:

Michelle Rose - "Haha. It was my 3rd day after moving to Virginia, and one if my first days at a nanny job. I thought the washing machine was out of balance until I realized it was an earthquake!"

Diane Kyle Funk - "Yes I do remember, I thought it wad a plane crashing. We live in Appomattox county and it really shook the house."

Renee Fry Campbell - "I was a work in Concord. There's a train track behind us and I first thought the train had derailed. Made a note to self to watch the news and scribbled on a piece of paper "Earthquake ???" and the time. I didn't need the note... Facebook lit up like a Christmas Tree with Sean Sublette being one on the first to say... I think we're having an earthquake..."

Cathy Gunter Doss - "I was working at the library in Brookneal, books started falling off the shelves and shelves were swaying back and forth. I thought a train had derailed (right beside the library are tracks) but when it kept going I realized it was an earthquake. VERY scary!"

Lynda K K Miller-Vines - "I was in PA and on the phone with my husband in Lynchburg. He commented that the building just shook. Seconds later, I felt something similar and noticed a vase shake on a table. We didn't know until after the conversation that we had both experienced the earthquake while on the phone together, in different states!"

Julie Hester Enochs - "My washer was on spin cycle and I thought it was way off balance:). Went on fb and then figured out quickly it was a earthquake."

Read the rest of the Facebook comments here.