Two Women Face Charges Connected to Assault of Campbell County School Bus Driver

Update: Brookneal, VA -

The sheriff's office says Crystal N. Pannell and Alaya Machasio got on the bus after arguing with the bus driver, then Pannell assaulted him.

The bus driver ended up with minor injuries.

School officials say it's crucial for parents not to enter the bus for any reason, for the safety of students, and the steps on the bus are clearly marked "no trespassing."

Campbell County's superintendent says they reviewed the surveillance video from the bus and he says the driver followed protocol. They wouldn't share that tape with ABC 13, saying it's part of an investigation.


Brookneal, VA - Two women are facing charges connected to the assault of a Campbell County school bus driver.According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to an intersection about 7:30 Wednesday morning in the town of Brookneal. That's where they found the driver with minor injuries consisting of scrapes and bruises. Crystal N. Pannell and Alaya Machasio, both of Brookneal, were later arrested. Investigators say there were 30 students on the bus at the time of the fight.