Two Women Charged in Murder-for-Hire Plot Waive Prelim

Angela Nolen

Rocky Mount, VA - Two Sontag Elementary School employees, accused of being involved in a murder-for-hire plot, were in a Franklin County Court today where they waived their preliminary hearings.

It was a move WSET first told about last night as the defense for both suspects let the Commonwealth's Attorney know that would be the case.

Appearing first was Sontag school nurse, Cathy Bennett, who is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Appearing in street clothes because she was granted bond in February for her alleged role in the plot.

And then next up was the 17-year veteran kindergarten teacher, Angela Nolen.

Nolen - charged with the more serious crime of solicitation to commit murder, like Bennett, simply waived the right to her hearing, signed some paperwork and left.

Bennett's attorney says the move was part of her trial strategy considering the Commonwealth's Attorney has been open to the defense's needs.

"Mr. Allen has had his file quite open to us and I feel that we've been given all of the evidence that is available at this particular point in time." I feel quite confident with that," said Bennett's attorney Carolyn Furrow.

Thursday's hearings would have had a judge determine whether there is enough evidence to send the cases before a grand jury which will now hear the cases on April 1st.