2,000 Pounds Of Shrimp Served At Annual Shrimp Fest

Danville, VA-- Shrimp Fest is a long standing tradition in Danville. The Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce has kept it going for 32 years straight.

It took place at the Danville Community Market on Wednesday. There were more than 1,700 people there. The president of the Chamber, Laurie Moran, said tickets went on sale in May and were sold out in a day.

There was live entertainment from a Nashville band called Smoke N' Guns. The money raised goes to help Danville Harvest Jubilee bring great events to the Danville area.

Many attendees said the reason they keep coming back is because of the all-you-can eat shrimp. The chef served 2,000 pounds of it, that's about 36,000 shrimp. Danville's Western Sizzlin' has been providing the shrimp for several years. They said getting ready for Shrimp Fest has now become routine. They shop for the best quality shrimp months in advance, then it takes more than ten people to prepare it all. They said its a lot of work but they look forward to the event every year.

"We've been working for 24 hours non-stop easily just on the cooking and prepping part," said Dwight Hobbs a chef at Western Sizzlin'.

The event typically raises around $30,000 every year.