Police Charge Dog Owner after his Unvaccinated Pit Bulls Bite 3 People

UPDATE: A Lynchburg man is facing charges after police say his unvaccinated pit bulls attacked three people. Lynchburg Police say it happened a little before 7 this morning around 12th and Garfield Avenue.

Herbert Jones says he was walking back from this Sunoco convenience store when he was attacked by two pit bulls off 12th street. "What I had in my arms I threw it at them, then they knocked me down on the ground and one bit me on my arm" said Herbert Jones. He says just moments before he saw the same pit bulls chasing a young boy up the street. However, Jones wasn't as lucky. "I called 911 and they sent the paramedics" said Jones. Fortunately, Lynchburg Police say the three people bitten only suffered minor injuries. "We quarantined them to make sure they don't have rabies because they were unvaccinated animals and the owner was charged with that" said Lt. Dave Gearhart. The owner of the pit bulls, Curtis Littlejohn, didn't want to talk on camera, but tells us the dogs darted out the door when he went to step outside. He says he went to look for them, but was unable to bring them in. Littlejohn says one of the dogs even tried to bite him. "We actually received multiple calls. One was from the owner - who the dogs bit at - and the others were from the other victims" said Lt. Gearhart. Littlejohn says his dogs have never bitten anyone before but he believes his brown dog reacted aggressively this time because she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Lynchburg police say they doing a dangerous dog investigation. "If it is established that they meet that criteria, there will probably be additional charges" said Lt. Gearhart. Neighbors we spoke to tell us this isn't the first time they've seen those dogs wandering the streets. The dogs are currently at the Lynchburg Humane Society. Lt. Gearhart tells us their findings during the investigation will determine if the owner gets his dogs back.


Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police have filed charges against the owner of two dogs after they say three people were bitten.Police and animal control responded to the scene about 6:45 Monday morning.The incident happened around 12th Street and Garfield Street. Our crew saw animal control officers take two dogs from a home on Garfield Street. Police say the three victims were treated at the scene for minor injuries. According to police, the owner of the dogs is facing four charges, two for each dog. They say the dogs are not licensed and also have not been vaccinated.
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